Well, it's that time of the year....(HOW though?) and a lot of people are deciding to make healthier decisions when it comes to diet and exercise.

Ah...the great optimism that fills all of our hearts when January 1st rolls around...

That was exactly me 3 years ago when I randomly (and when I say randomly, I mean raaaandomly) decided that I was going to try a plant-based diet.

I think I literally saw someone post on Instagram that they had switched to a vegan diet and I thought...."yep I'll give that a go".

Little did I know, I'd still be vegan 3 years later and loving it!

With gyms still not open, I anticipate that many are going to focus on diet this year for sure (if only for a few months), and I know I'm definitely someone who is super conscious of the sheer quantity of food I have been shovelling in my gob with zero exercise. But hey, we are in a panoramic right? Ok as you were.

No but in all seriousness, since I decided to cut meat, dairy and poultry from my diet 3 years ago, the idea or should I say "trend" of veganism has become ever popular.

Compared to when I started, there are TONS more vegan options and much more availability of plant-based alternatives in supermarkets and even restaurants.


Since the entrance of the 'C-word', I have a new found love for cooking, as going out for dinner is now a thing of the past...sigh.

As heartbroken as I am that I can't enjoy eating out, I have really honed in on my cooking skills (if I do say so myself), and I have been whipping up a whole bag of tasty meals at home - all vegan of course!

I always get asked if it was "easy" for me to go vegan and "how" I did it. For me, it was a super easy transition. I didn't expect at all that I would stick to it, my plan was to try it for one month for Veganuary.

After the first month, I had no craving whatsoever for meat and couldn't believe how much energy I had - I felt great.

Following on from February 2018 onwards, I tried to indulge in meat, dairy and even some fish again in the months to come, but I soon realised that it was a thing of the past for me, and that I was more than happy sticking to a plant-based diet.

I then started to experiment more with things I was eating, and for someone who up until the age of 22 ate NO vegetables, (0, zip, nada), I am quite proud of myself for going outside of my comfort zone and trying so many foods that I would never have touched before.

"Going vegan" for me was all about introducing variety to my diet, and putting things into my body that are good for me.

My journey since January 2018 has been eye-opening, fun and most of all tastyyyyy as fuck! Don't be fooled - us vegans are living it UP trust me!

Follow my page @cocoeatsvegan over on Instagram where I share some of the things I be whippin' up - hopefully it may inspire you if you are thinking of trying Veganuary or even just reducing your consumption of animal products this year.

You can sign up to try Veganuary over at and there are tons of great recipes and helpful tips for moving over to a plant-based diet on there, too.

If you try any vegan recipes this January, let me know how you get on! Leave me a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter.

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