Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Who else loves a Sunday?

It's my favourite day of the week! Theres something so sacred about a Sunday to me - it's the day where I take time to breathe, reflect, recharge and generally enjoy my own company.

It's crazy because I never used to be someone who enjoyed their own company, but in the last couple of years I cherish all the moments I get to spend alone. Being on my own is the only time I am truly connected to myself and feel at peace.

Last Sunday, I decided to properly indulge in a "self-care day" and after an emotionally draining and overwhelming week, it was much needed and went down a treat!

Let the self-care begin...

I started by applying a homemade hair treatment to my hair (review and recipe coming soon!), after that I ran a bath to which I added lavender oil and epsom salt.

I then cleansed the bathroom with sage and lit my new favourite candle before sharing some digestive biscuits with my dog and sipped on a nice brew in the bath for so long that I became a prune. Mission accomplished!

While I'm in the bath I like to cleanse my skin after the steam from the bath water has had a chance to open up my pores. I used my favourite African black soap and followed it up with a the 'Pink Clay' mask* from Wake Skincare which they kindly gifted to me. The face mask has a gritty texture so you can give your skin a gentle scrub before leaving the mask on for 15 minutes.

The mask helps to reduce acne caused by blocked pores and dead skin, and the exfoliating properties help to brighten your skin to give you that glowww! The mask is cruelty free, vegan and comes in a glass jar to save on plastic waste (hooray!)

I've used the mask a few times since receiving it and I'm really enjoying it! It feels very lightweight and gentle, not like some clay masks which can be very thick and drying.

Wake are a UK based skincare brand however they do offer worldwide shipping - yay! You can purchase the mask as well as other products in their range on their website and Amazon.

After using the mask, I rinsed the treatment from my hair and co-washed it. If you're not familiar with co-washing, it's using conditioner to wash your hair rather than shampoo - which sounds soooo bizzare, but it's a method for curly hair types that helps to avoid drying out your hair with harsh shampoos that aren't necessary to actually make your hair clean. Who knew?

I've adopted this hair ritual for the last month or so as I've been wearing my hair curly and avoiding putting heat on it (apart from diffusing) and I must say - I've been loving embracing my curls! I will write a blog post soon documenting my curly hair journey and what I've been using/doing to get my curls back in full effect.

The importance of self-care

It's safe to say, after all that, I left my bathroom feeling super relaxed, pampered and refreshed and ready to tackle a new week. Creating a relaxing and peaceful environment is super important to gain clarity and focus.

Filling the room with the smells of the lavender oil, sage and relaxing candles help to bring my mind and body into a place that feels safe and positive, where I feel comfortable enough with my own thoughts and feelings.

I think it's important to note that "self-care" is so much more than a face mask or taking a bath. It's really giving yourself the time to rest and reset. To pay attention to how you feel and what you do and do not want to bring into the week ahead.

We often get so carried away with day-to-day living and seldom make time to really do some inner work. Self-care is looking after yourself from the inside-out, starting with your mind, then your body.

Eating well, exercising and generally staying on top of your health both mental and physical. Once you start to realise how important and powerful it is to really "care" for yourself, you fall in love with being committed to being the best version of you - ALL of you!

Whats your favourite "self-care" practice? Leave me a comment below!

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