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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Nando's anyone?

Can you believe as a vegan of two and a half years this was my first time cooking tempeh?!

However, I can confirm that it was a success - hooray!


I was picking up a few bits the other day and stumbled across this tempeh in a jar and thought "eh, why not?"

I'm so glad I randomly decided to pick some up because my heart and my belly were SINGING while I was eating this!

If you've never tried tempeh, or don't know what it is, it's similar to tofu as it's made using soy beans, but I would say they're fairly different to each other in texture. I found the tempeh much more like "chicken", though that could have been down to the way I cooked it.

The process...

I started off by cooking the tempeh in a pan with some vegetable broth to inject some flavour into it and tenderise it a little.

Once a lot of the broth had reduced, I added 'Nando's Peri Peri Sauce in Hot' to the pan and heated for a further few minutes.

I then removed the tempeh piece by piece with tongs and transferred them to a griddle pan where I sizzled them in a little oil to add some crisp and texture.

I finished off the tempeh by adding them back to the pan with the Nando's sauce and tossing them around as to not waste any of that saucy goodness!

I par-boiled and oven baked some sweet potatoes with a little pink Himalayan salt, then to construct the wrap I added the tempeh, the sweet potato, some sliced avocado, salad leaves and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

I cannot tell you how GOOD this was, and it really did remind me of Nando's. The tempeh was crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside with tons of flavour.

I still have half the jar left too - so I'm already planning what I'm going to make for my next tempeh recipe!

What restaurants are you missing and have you tried to recreate any meals from them during quarantine?

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