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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Is porridge for basic bitches?

I've always enjoyed porridge for breakfast, but as exciting as it got was using the maple syrup Quaker Oats rather than the plain version. I had always just accepted that porridge was meant to be boring. Recently though, I've been inspired to "pimp my porridge" and I'm obsessed!

How it goes down...

I like to use gluten-free oats as they don't make me feel too full or bloated. Now for the "pimping"...I've been favouring more of a chocolatey porridge as of late - I use Oatly chocolate oat milk and add some cocoa powder.

I then microwave and add a little more milk until I get my desired consistency. I always add banana and peanut butter (holy grail), then I'll add a selection of seeds. Here I used flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and a little berry jam.

Lastly, no porridge of mine is complete without a generous squeeze of agave syrup - a healthier alternative to sugar and vegan unlike honey. I then take a pretty picture for my Instagram (@cocoeatsvegan) before mixing it all together - soooo satisfying!

I love this breakfast not just because it tastes good, but I really enjoy getting creative - especially with the presentation. (I'm trying to up my "instagram worthy" photography skills, can you tell?)

How do you "pimp" your porridge?

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