Updated: Jul 13, 2020

So right now as it stands, it's me vs hayfever (P.s I'm not winning). Despite this, yesterday I decided to remix my usual running route and detoured to the park for part of it. I think I learnt my lesson.

On the plus side though, I completed my run and also got a cute selfie - win!

Ok lets talk about running...

I've been running on and off for years and recently got back into it quite seriously last year. I'm so glad I did.

Running is such a therapeutic form of exercise for me. I enjoy being surrounded different scenery sometimes for a change as the gym can feel a little stagnant (however gym I do miss you very much so I hope we can be reunited soon, please open again luv u x).

Running allows me to make progress at my own pace and set small goals each time to go longer and faster. Seeing my progress from week to week, and sometimes even day to day, spurs me to go harder and gives me a sense of achievement.

I always compare running to life - you wouldn't expect to be able to run a marathon on the first day with no training, it's about slowly getting stronger and fitter every day until you can.

My four-legged soulmate

Another reason I love to run is because I have the best partner in crime to run with - my little love Benji. He is a Jackaranian (Jack Russell and Pomeranian cross) and turned 3 years old in April this year.

Benji has the most energy, so he actually motivates me to get out there and let off some steam. Seeing him running in front of me with his cute little white paws and wagging his tail makes me so happy!

He loves nothing more than going outside and exploring - I can't even touch a pair of my shoes without him crying (literally) with excitement because he thinks he's going for a walk or a run.

Having a dog who loves to exercise is definitely a bonus and I love knowing it's keeping him fit and healthy too.

Post-run fuel!

In true Chloe style, the favourite part of my run would obviously be coming home and being able to eat (duh!)

I've been enjoying a good old protein shake "post-run", then I go and take a shower or bath and wait a little while before I eat something as the shake is quite filling.

My go-to protein at the moment is the 'Pea Protein Isolate' by My Vegan and I have the Chocolate flavour. I also really love their 'Vegan Protein Blend' in Banana - soooo good!

I then use some plant milk - normally a mix of chocolate oat and regular oat milk depending on how chocolate-y I'm feeling.

Then I'll add some other powders to boost it up - either some peanut protein, Maca Root or Psyllum Husk powder, a banana and some agave syrup.

Whats your favourite protein-shake combo?

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