Have you checked out my C-MIX : 2020 playlist on Spotify yet? I wanted to put together an 'end of year' playlist of all my favourite tracks from 2020, and on putting it together I realised that itwas actually a pretty healthyyyy year music-wise!

With everything that transpired last year, music played a huge part in helping me stay afloat - from discovering new artists and tracks to having a much needed motivational soundtrack for my workouts and running. Throughout my life in general, music has always been the glue that holds everything together.

It's music that allows me to teleport back to a certain moment or feeling. This is probably the reason why music means so much to me; it's way more than just "sounds". It's a way to capture emotions that far transcends any other art form.

Last year I made a playlist for every single month featuring the music I was listening to the most during that period. I know that whenever I revisit those playlists, I will be reminded of that particular time in my life.

C-MIX : 2020 features some of my faaaav artists (both established and emerging) including Pop Smoke, J Hus, Don Toliver, Drake, Miraa May, Shaybo, Wizkid and loooooads more.

You can stream the playlist here - don't forget to click the heart to like and save the playlist to your library! You can also follow my Spotify profile here, I curate new playlists every month.

What are some of your top music picks of 2020?

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