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Take this as your reminder today that how you look absolutely does NOT define you!

Your body does not define you. Your facial features do not define you. Your weight on the scales does not define you.

How you look doesn't define your ability to be a beautiful person. Your looks actually play 0 part in the beauty of your soul...0! Mad, right?

So why do we give our exterior so much power to make us feel a type of way?

I find myself in moments of weakness listening to the voice inside my head that says "you're not good enough", "you'd be prettier if..", "you need to change this" - and sometimes I really let myself believe it.

When I notice I'm doing this however, rather than make myself feel bad, I tell myself it's ok to have these moments. I forgive myself for thinking those thoughts, and I tell myself that these thoughts are just that - thoughts.

It's important that we remember we are all on our own individual journey of self love, and it's a journey that has ups, downs, trials and tests. Loving yourself is a life long rollercoaster.

Life sometimes pushes us into a place where the easiest way to cope is to beat ourself up so that we have someone to blame. The more we remember to be kind to ourselves, the more we can heal and grow.

"You aren't meant to be 'perfect'....because you already are perfect".

The truth is, you are the only you there will ever be - and that is truly special.

No one will ever have your smile, your eyes, your lips, your body...all the things that make you beautifully you.

Today you might not feel great, but tomorrow is a new day.

I encourage you tomorrow to wake up, look in the mirror and feel thankful for the you that is staring back at you.

To feel gratitude for the body that has carried you gracefully and without shame for all the years you've been on this earth.

To feel a sense of relief that God made you like you, and not like them.

To feel pride for all you've been through, and your achievements big and small.

You truly are amazing, and that has nothing to do with your exterior.

Sending you love and light as always,

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