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So I know what you're thinking....porridge?! How can you make porridge "boujee"? Well..I'm about to show you how. This is one of my favourite things to eat post-workout or if I know I'm gonna have a busy day that I need tons of energy for.

Oats can also really help you curb any bad snacking habits as they make you feel fuller for longer! As someone who is constantly huuuungrryy (and sometimes hangry), it's important to me to make sure I'm eating foods that sustain me for longer throughout the day.

This is a breakfast that can be super basic, but with the right ingredients...a bowl of porridge can actually be a party in your mouth and give you a nice full belly, too!

(This recipe makes a large portion of porridge for one person)

You will need:

100g oats

Almond/oat milk (unsweetened)

Soya/oat cream

Ground cinnamon

Dried goji berries

Smooth peanut butter (my fav is the Morrisons one pictured above!)

Shelled hemp

Ground flaxseed

Chia seeds (I used ground ones for this recipe)

1 banana

Agave nectar/syrup

Looks good huh? You can try it for yourself and follow the full tutorial here.

Be sure to let me know if you recreate it! Tag me in your creations or send me a DM - @cocomykel on both Instagram and Twitter - make sure you follow Flex @flexfmuk on Instagram and Twitter too!

I put a poll up on my Instagram asking you guys if I should make vegan fried chicken or vegan steak next and you voted for fried chicken....so watch this space!

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